VII Championship of the Balearics P.R.E. 2019

Saturday, the 28th of September 2019 (All day) and sunday, the 29th of September 2019, Son Martorellet will be hosting the VII Championship of the Balearics of the Pure Spanish Bred horse (P.R.E.).

In the evening of saturday the 28th of September at 20:30h there will be an equestrian Show at 20:30h. Tickets costs 5,00€ a person.

U.K. Gmtv films one of its issues at son martorellet

The GMTV producer have completed one of their programs at the Son Martorellet premises. The well known Keith Chegwin was the main protagonist of the program. There were a number of hilarious gags and humorous situations led by this TV star as he rode Lumbre, specially while riding and dressing up in our show’s costumes used for the filming.

You magazine from the daily mail group, united kingdom

Son Martorellet together with its horses have been chosen to present the New Year’s Eve fashion parade.

A team of ten people travelled to Minorca to cover the event, amongst photographers, stylists, hairdressers and make- up artists.

Top model Alexandra Burman, a devoted fan of horses, did not hesitate in riding Lumbre and carry out part of the session on its back, proving herself to be a really good amazon. Alexandra, directed by Enric, managed to accomplish varieties with long reigns, bots (standing on its back legs) as well as other equestrian exercises. The article was published 28th December with a huge press roll all around the U.K.

A son martorellet horse stars the seat commercial

Lapo, a ten year old stallion from Son Martorellet, is the star of the latest SEAT LEON commercial.

The ad was filmed at the Viladrau Polo Club premises in Barcelona and the shots are aimed to cover billboards and press media.

Lapo has an extended curriculum . Commercials to one side, he was proclaimed champion of Minorcan dressage and takes part at the festivities under the orders of Chisco Farner, Caixer Casat during 2008-2009.

Its main features are graceful movements, versatility and easily adapted to all kind of disciplines, its elegance and friendly character.