Social work

Social awarness

Son Martorellet forms part of the Menorcann society that provides us with so many resources. We try to return to the society any benefits that we can.

Son Martorellet, together with the Red Cross, organize their annual gala to collect funds for the Red Cross in Ferreries.Every year we begin a gala for the benefit of a different charity. In 2008 the gala was held to help Father M. Bonet, a Menorcan missionary working in Africa. In 2009, the gala was held to help Menorcan families affected by childhood cancer.
Each year the great Red Cross Gala is held in August! For more information you can contact us by sending us a comment in contact.

Also the horses are part of a team, with our staff and outside monitors, offering an equine therapy service to children with special needs in Ferreries. Equine therapy particularly benefits children suffering from Downs syndrome.

About us

For more information, prices and budgets please contact us:
971 37 34 06 / 639 156 851